Always Believe

Always Believe promotes children’s self-worth, confidence building from an early age. Twin sisters, so different in personalities find their dreams come true in this inspirational, captivating, imaginative book. Imagiland is the second book where they move through fast action-packed life-changing experiences,
bringing special gifts to the world for a better future generation.

always believe





English or Amerikish: "Appalachian/Tennessee Style"

Nanny Pamalamadingdong and Granddad Hopalong would like to captivate your child’s attention in educating them with the different language terms for the same meanings!







starring Ozzie and Jerome and the twins: Second book in the Always Believe Series

2 imaginary friends, Ozzie and Jerome take the twin sisters on an amazing, fast action-packed, thrilling journey to their homeland. The author delights in inspiring children and young teens; in fact adults and all ages and abilities imagination and creativity through an inner Xbox experience whilst meeting all the characters there!

Underlying morals and values are paramount in this fantasy whilst encouraging them to believe they can achieve anything in life in all situations through raising self-worth and confidence-building and assisting them to dream big and make their passions a reality at a young age!

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